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Emperors Treasure - Organic Life Teas

Emperors Treasure


Our Emperor's Traesure is a rare artisan tea of single origin. This premium tea is known to be one of the best black teas in the world. These tea leaves and buds are picked from bushes grown in our organic tea gardens at elevations of 5500 msl. Our women artisans with their elegant fingers handpick and roll this beautiful black tea. This tea infused to roll out a full leaf. This tea is picked when the weather conditions are optimal, the right amount of humidty in the air, fermented, rolled and dried with utmost care at our tea garden. With its finely rolled leaves of varying size and distinct aroma, this full-bodied tea is sweet with distinct character and red brown liquor. This tea should be brewed atleast to 3 infusions and enjoyed without milk.

Ingredients - Black Tea

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